The Best Dog Groomers in Coconut Creek

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Grooming matters when looking after a dog to keep them healthy. So, if you want your dog to look the best and feel fresh while staying in Coconut Creek, we’ve got you covered. From basic and full grooming to dental cleaning, daycare, and dog walking, you get various options to choose from. Here is a list of 8 best dog groomers in Coconut Creek:

  1. Champ and Charlie’s Grooming Salon
  2. Rosa’s Pet Grooming
  3. Pawmper Fluffy Salon
  4. Pawfections 
  5. Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental
  6. VCA Hillsboro Animal Hospitals 
  7. Puppilicious Pet Grooming Salon
  8. Shampoodles Pet Grooming

Champ and Charlie’s Grooming Salon

Champ & Charlie’s Grooming Salon is one of the prominent pet spas in the town. With over 30 years of experience, its owner and groomer, Maarit has the grooming expertise you are looking for your dog to look and feel their best. 

It offers a grand bath experience and professional grooming services for all breeds. Here, you get a bath, nail trimming, clipping, ear cleaning, hand stripping in customized spa packages or  as à la carte services. They promise to listen to your needs and provide a remarkable service.

Rosa’s Pet Grooming

Rosa’s Pet Grooming is another pet grooming salon catering to your dog’s grooming needs. Rosa, the expert groomer has been looking after pets and providing her services since 1970 with devotion. 

Rosa’s Pet Grooming Salon provides numerous services, which include washing and blow-drying, shaving or trimming, clipping, nail trimming, death brushing, ear and eye cleaning, and gland expression. The other services they offer are anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning, dog walking, pickup and delivery, pet daycare, or overnight stay.

Pawmper Fluffy Salon

Highly experienced groomers at Pawmper Fluffy Salon are committed to providing your pet with a top-notch grooming experience. Your pup gets pampered in a stress-free and calm environment.

The services at Pawmper Fluffy Salon include haircut and style, hydro massage bath, blow dry, bath and brush, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and for final touch, perfume, and bandana. 

They also provide a mobile pet spa, and their vans are top-of-the-line, equipped with the latest technology. And this guarantees cleanliness, safety, and an exceptional grooming experience.


Pawfections believes that pets deserve the best, physically and mentally. Hence, they provide a stress-free and luxurious grooming experience for your dog. The pet-friendly and highly trained groomers have earmarked on providing your pet with therapeutic services using essential oils, high-quality all-natural products, and sanitized equipment to guarantee safety and quality.  

The grooming services offered are teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, blow drying, gland expression, full haircut, de-shedding, and de-matting. Other services provided include dental cleaning and dog walking. 

Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental

Dental hygiene is just as important for their health as any other for your dog’s overall well-being. Bad breath and stained teeth can be symptoms of gum diseases. Cleaning their teeth is also an essential factor in keeping them healthy.

If you are looking for a pet dental that provides fast, friendly, safe, and effective dental cleaning services to your dog, then Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental is the one. It offers anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and other dental care for pets. There is no use of medication or sedatives during the cleaning procedure. You can get your pup’s teeth cleaned at home as it provides mobile service. 

VCA Hillsboro Animal Hospitals 

VCA Hillsboro Animal Hospitals is known for its medical assistance for pets. They commit to helping your dog live long, healthy, and happy lives. Their veterinarians, technicians, and pet-loving staff are highly trained and professional. 

VCA also provides grooming for your pup to look their best. Their professional groomers offer services such as shampooing, blow drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking, haircut, and anal gland expression. What’s more? You can get intricate haircuts or breed-specific styles for your pup. 

Puppilicious Pet Grooming Salon

Puppolicious Pet Grooming Salon is another spa catering to all your needs. Their professional dog groomers provide one-on-one service to give dogs the best looks in their safe and welcoming environment. 

The services offered are baths, tick removal, flea dip for smaller breeds, nail trimming, gland expression, de-matting, massages, pedicures, hair coloring, de-shedding, and dental cleaning. You must provide information about your dog’s age, weight, and temperament while booking an appointment to help them pair the dog with the right groomer. 

Shampoodles Pet Grooming

Shampoodles Pet Grooming Salon is a place where your pup’s happiness and well-being are top priorities. They offer grooming and daycare services with a cozy hotel for your canine companion. 

Their professional groomers provide a wide range of services, which include haircuts, baths, brushing and blow-out, ear cleaning and plucking, anal gland expression, face and feet trimming, perfume, and bows or bandanas to give an extra wonderful touch. 


As a dog parent, their well-being and overall health is a top priority. That’s why ensuring their hygiene is essential because it plays an integral role in keeping the dog healthy. So, choose the right grooming salon for your dog’s well-being. Need help in getting your furry family member ready for the groomer?  Give us a call!  

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