The Best Doggy Daycares in Hollywood

Are you looking for trustworthy and loving doggy daycares in Hollywood to leave your beloved pup while you work or because you want them to socialize with other animals and people? We are here to help you!

Because we understand that doggy daycares also assist with confidence and mental and physical stimulation. So, in this article, we have listed the best doggy daycares in Hollywood. 

Living the pet life

Living the Pet Life is a doggy daycare offering pet sitting, dog walking, and cageless boarding services in Hollywood and nearby areas. Your pup gets the best attention and care they deserve here. The pet sitters and dog walkers are professionals who are licensed to provide their top-notch services to your dog. 

They are an accredited member of Pet Sitter International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. The pet sitter offers daily dog walking, dog running, overnight cageless boarding, dog park visits, and more services at Living the Pet Life.

Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting

Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting is another doggy daycare in Hollywood that caters to all your needs and offers the best care to your beloved pet. They provide professional services, which include doggy daycare, cage-less boarding, and pet sitting. The Lucky Dogs staff ensures your pup gets their full attention and care. 

So, if you are looking for a doggy daycare to leave your dog while you work, you can check Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting out because here, your dog gets to socialize with other animals, exercise, and train with other four-legged friends.

Adi Pet Care

Adi Pet Care is one of the best doggy daycares, run by Adrian and his team, which offers services like dog grooming, doggy daycare, boarding, and dog events. They are committed to providing the finest experience at their daycare with a safe environment that allows your pup to socialize, play, and prosper under professional caregivers’ supervision. 

Adi Pet Care works hard to ensure that the pets at their facility feel safe and happy. The staff is dedicated, loves the pups as much as you do, and caters to all their needs. If you are looking for a doggy daycare that stimulates your pup and offers other services, then Adi Pet Care may be it.

Clean Paws Pet Salon and Resort

Clean Paws Pet Salon and Resort is a facility that provides services such as doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming. It is a clean, intimate, and fun salon and resort where you can leave your beloved pup and go on a work trip or a vacation. 

They offer an exclusive and secure environment for your furry friend with play areas, both indoors and outdoors. The caregivers provide complete attention and care to your canine companion and ensure they are happy and well.

Bark in Style MIA

Bark in Style MIA is another of the finest doggy daycares, owned and run by a family since 2013. With love for animals, their dedicated staff provides the care to your furry friends they deserve in a facility with play yards. 

Their daycare has climate-controlled indoor and K9 grass outdoor settings to provide your pup with the best experience in a safe and fun environment, which helps with mental and physical stimulation. The facility also offers overnight boarding and in-home stay services.


MAS PUPS is a puppy daycare, which is also offering overnight boarding and basic puppy obedience training. Its owner and dog lover, Megan, ensures that every dog receives unconditional love and attention. Their positive approach with proper care and engagement creates a safe and happy environment for your canine companion that benefits both of you.

Luxe Paws Care

Luxe Paws Care is one of the best facilities in Hollywood, providing promising daycare, boarding, and pet-sitting services. With a safe and loving environment, its daycare offers proper socialization for your dog that helps boost their confidence. 

The staff at Luxe Paws Care is professional and committed to offering the best care and attention to your four-legged friend in a warm environment where they feel at home. They work hard to ensure that your pup is safe and happy while you are away.


Socializing for dogs is just as essential as for anyone else because it helps with mental stimulation, and daycares are the perfect spots to get that done. It provides proper socialization and physical exercise under expert supervision. 

So, if you are in Hollywood and looking for doggy daycare, the town has many options. You just need to contact the one you feel fits your pup. 

Need some help getting your dog socialized to go to doggy daycare?  Give us a call!  


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